A Look At Mexican Food

There is an interesting dichotomy in Mexican food and American food. For example, taco catering has become huge in the United States, but there is very little authentic Mexican food consumed there. Whereas, in Mexico the poor people who eat the traditional food are quite prosperous, whereas in the United States the poor people tend to be left out and poor people tend to eat very badly. Of course, we have lots of people on welfare here too, so perhaps there’s an inherent reason that this happens?

Nevertheless, Mexican food is well respected all over the world for its taste and cuisine. Americans are simply not used to this, and this probably explains why we have all sorts of fast food and convenience food now. The Mexican people tend to put more value on food and cooking than Americans do. As a result, the Mexican cuisine is amongst the most popular in the world. Americans just don’t like to cook it, so they get it from elsewhere.

Nevertheless, while Americans have embraced many Mexican dishes into their diets, they have also taken a lot of credit for inventing chili. Yes, the Spaniards invented chili, but they also took much of the credit for the blend of spices that are blended into this hearty dish today. From start to finish, the entire preparation of chili is one of the things that Americans have taken credit for. You can see the influence of Mexican food everywhere you go, but perhaps you should take it a little further. Try Mexican cuisine.