Authentic Mexican Food – The True Fast Track to Tasty Mexican Food

Mexican food is known for many things, among which are its spiciness, its use of seafood and its use of chili peppers to make food taste better. Most Mexican food is prepared with flour tortillas that are made in the shape of a hand, which is why it is also called Mexican hand cooked or Manzanillo, and then cooked on a barbeque. Most Mexican dishes use refried beans as well as small pieces of vegetables and fruits, like tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and chilies. You will also notice that most Mexican dishes use refried beans or chili, which is made by boiling beans until they are very soft and starting to break down, and then adding spices, cheese, tomatoes, onions and chilies to make it more spicy. Sometimes you will just have to add water to make them softer.

Mexican food usually includes seafood, but some staples include black beans and rice as well as corn, peas, potatoes, Spanish rice, black or green salsa, quinoa (a grain used in Mexican cuisine but used elsewhere in the world), and pinto beans (which are bean curds). Other foods that are common in Mexican cuisine include fish such as salmon, tuna, halibut, mackerel, and striped bass fish. Chicken is also a great addition, especially the thigh. Other items may include mango salsa, pinto beans and guacamole, and fresh jalapenos.

Along with all of these ingredients, authentic Mexican food also includes peppers, seasonings, herbs, spices, cheeses, and other ingredients. These are the staples of any authentic dish and the majority of recipes are based on those. Most restaurants prepare authentic Mexican food by frying meats, vegetables, and Chiles together until they are nice and brown. They then make their salsa out of these meats, vegetables and Chiles. Then they finish it off by serving the chips and dips with tortilla chips.