Mexican Food – More Than Just Hotdogs and Tacos

Many people are under the impression that Mexican food is just spicy, cheesy and generally hot. While this is certainly true of many types of Mexican cuisine, the truth is there is much more to Mexican food than meets the eye. There is an entire way of cooking and preparation of Mexican food that most people don’t even consider while dining out at a restaurant. What’s more, there are a number of great restaurants where you can get the full flavor experience without leaving your home.

The reason why Mexican food tends to be overlooked by Westerners is the fact that it doesn’t contain the same “fat” that other foods tend to. Fat is an essential part of the food that we eat, but there are plenty of healthy recipes out there that will satisfy all palates. The preparation process itself is very interesting. While most “American” style restaurants will use a lot of oil in their dishes, Mexican preparation always starts with fresh tomatoes. The use of oil can be a key component of a traditional Mexican dish but using fresh tomatoes helps draw out the true flavor of Mexican food.

Most Americans are used to eating bland or frozen meals when they are on a diet, but a great way to add flavor to your food is with the use of chili powder, cumin and other spices. These small additions can really bring out the natural flavors in foods like corn or shrimp. When it comes to Mexican food, you are going to get a lot more than chicken enchiladas or Beef enchilada. Get some creative and go out and make your own recipes!