Minto-Brown Island Park- Have an enjoyable experience.

Minto-Brown Island ParkMinto-Brown Island Park is one of the largest and most popular park in Salem sprawling over a distance of 1,200 acres that offers you the opportunity of exploring the sounds and sights of nature. You will get to witness a large area of lush, wooden and natural open area where you can carry on different physical activities like running, cycling, and jogging. There are many wetlands, ponds, sloughs and forested area in the park that is a home for many animals and birds that you can find while visiting the park.

Minto-Brown Island Park can also be referred to as tranquil wildlife sanctuary that is accessible all year round and this park is also available for dog walking but with leash. You can also enjoy skating and biking on the paved trails so that you will enjoy different physical activities throughout the year. The lake in the park also offers an opportunity to enjoy fishing so that you will love the entire experience.

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Minto-Brown Island Park, 2200 Minto Island Rd SW SE, Salem, OR 97302